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LOW// SS Crit Frameset


ss crit: first in it's class. As the ever increasing popularity of single speed, fixed gear criteriums continues to skyrocket and the competition continues to stiffen, we here at Low Bicycles felt that the difference between racing on a banked velodrome and racing on a crowded, less predictable closed circuit critirium with flat turns was big enough to justify a purpose-built frame, distinguishable from a track bicycle.

Instead of following the cliché of making a more forgiving and stable bike for the road, we went the other direction, and made this frame even stiffer and twitchier than your average track bike to respond to the specific needs of racing a fixed gear bicycle in a criterium race. The result is one of the most aggressive racing bikes we have built to date, ready to dominate in the particularly wild and wooly environment of today's single speed crits.

here's where it gets special...

Higher bottom bracket - This bike is not designed for high speed descents or predictable left-only turns, so some stability was sacraficed for increased maneuverablity- a very necessay feature in an unpredictable, chaotic field  with dozens of riders crowded onto a relatively small, flat course with both left and right turns of varying degrees. Raising the bottom bracket allows for increased maneuverability and quicker, more responsive handling, as well as helping keep pedal strike at bay.

Oversized aluminum tubing- This frame features some of the largest cross sections of tubing you will find on any single/fixed gear bicycle. Unlike most track bikes seen at the elite level these days, instead of trying to make the SS Crit as aero as possible, we decided to focus entirely on the bike's ability to accelerate and decelerate as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is another important feature in a sport featuring hairpin turns, and a crowded, aggressive field of riders jostling for position. In this type of riding you will have to slow down and speed up faster and more often than many other forms of cycle racing. Our tubing cross sections gives you instantanious feedback you need, wether you are slowing down or speeding up.

Tapered head tube- Here is where we get some stability back. The introduction of tapered forks into cycling is the difference between night and day when it comes to handling. It makes the entire bike much more stable and responsive in all types of riding, especially sprints and descents. In crit racing there is a lot of sprinting, so you do the math.  And to put it simply: unless your goal is aerodynamics, why would you go with anything else?


  • fork//weight: 1-1/2" Tapered steer tube Carbon track fork with aluminum steer tube, 35mm rake. 476 grams
  • dropouts: 10mm horizontal dropouts with stainless steel inserts, 120mm axle.
  • head tube: Tapered 1-1/8” to 1 1/2" IS - ”Cane Creek style” (integrated)
  • bottom bracket: 68mm, english threaded
  • seat post size: 27.2mm
  • seat post collar size: 31.8mm

*frameset price now includes fork, headset, seat post collar, and stainless steel inserts. Additional charges apply for other upgrades.

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