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Continental - Force/Attack Comp Tyres

Continental - Force/Attack Comp Tyres

The result of a collaboration between Continental and ProTour teams, this is a completely new type of tyre concept.

The first Tyre Positioning System (TPS) Tubular. At the front, the 22 mm narrow Attack Comp does its work and provides improved aerodynamics as well as high agility through faster transition into corners. At the rear, the Force Comp power machine at 24 mm provides a large contact area that guarantees a better power transmission as well as low rolling resistance.

Couple this with a higher service mileage and a higher level of comfort thanks to the wider casing, and you get a tubular which is especially forgiving with today's ultra stiff racing bikes.

This set is hand sewn in Korbach, and features our Black Chili Compound as well as Vectran Breaker anti puncture technology.

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