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Ordering Process

Almost all of the framesets we sell are custom orders; that is to say that your frame will be hand built specifically for you. Whilst this means that the time taken to deliver your frame is often longer than buying an off the peg and often machine built frame it can provide you options such as custom geometry and paint finish - as well as a pretty unique machine!

Such options will vary from builder to builder; and some will carry a supplementary charge - you can find more details when selecting the specific product and there are further details on each of our 'builders' pages under the Builders menu.

Some builders will hold some inventory of stock sizes either complete (i.e. painted) ready for shipment or unpainted ready for painting. Either of these options if available will reduce the delivery timescales.

In an effort to improve the availability with reduced delivery we often pre-order some frames in popular sizes and popular stock colourways, in such cases items will show in-stock.   

In general the process can be summarised as:

1. Select the frameset you are interested in; if we have stock in the size and colour combination it will show in-stock. If in-stock your order will ship directly from us in 1-2 working days.

2. Contact us to get a view on the current estimated build time - as you can appreciate the builders have a finite capacity and the estimated delivery timescales will depend on a number of factors. Lead times tend to vary from 4-8 weeks but can take longer depending on where your order hits the manufacturing cycle and how busy the builder is. 

3. Confirm your order by paying a deposit for it; this can be done online and you can pay for this through normal methods e.g credit and debit card. This locks in your order and at this point we will instruct the builder and get your request scheduled in. The deposit will be deducted from your final build price.  

4. Eagerly await your frame - we will keep you posted of progress and alert you to any possible delays. Whilst we and our partner builders always try to avoid these they can occur - e.g. if during final inspection imperfections are discovered in the paint then it will go for repaint. 

5. During your frame build we can discuss if you want us to build the frame into a final build or you simply want to take delivery of the frameset and build it yourself.

6. When the frame arrives from the builder we will check it and contact you to arrange delivery or collection if you prefer. At this point we will issue you your final invoice; once paid your order will be dispatched. Happy Days!! :)