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Why track wheels are not always a good choice for fixed crit

Aluminium Carbon Clincher New Product Noble Wheels Tubular Wheelset

A near miss on a relaxed ride tonight reminded me the very reason why a front track wheel is not really the best choice for fixed cirterium racing. I was riding my Knife Butterfly shod with Mavic Ellipses. Coming around a bend the front nearly washed out on me and I narrowly avoided some unpleasant road rash plus a few bruises!

The Ellipses are a great entry / all round track wheel super stiff and light. Now all that stiffness is great on a smooth track but when riding on uneven and sketchy surfaces - often found on crit circuits it has a tendency for them to lose traction. The reason is that a little flex allows the wheel to track better and responded to the lumps and bumps... It's more forgiving. 

That's why we designed in collaboration with Noble Wheels our fixed criterium specific racing wheels. These quality hand made wheels are available in tubular and clincher; the latter making a great all rounder. Check them out in the wheels section.


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