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cross is coming and the LOW// mkii cx is here

CX Frameset LOW// New Product

Slightly off track for us (forgive the pun!) but we know many 'critters' love to hone their bike handling skills with a bit of CX and let's not kid ourselves, LOW// frames are just special so we decided to add to the line up.

The low mkii cx, our first production cyclocross frame, has been painstakingly thought out, designed and race tested over a two year period. For this project we took the tube design one step further to maximize this frame’s performance; hand- tweaking the shape, tuning the thickness and butting of each tube to get just the right amount of flex and stiffness in just the right places. At the end of this process, we are confident we have produced one of the finest aluminum cyclocross frames on the market - hand built or mass produced.

Developed directly from our mki CX prototype, the mkII CX features several functional improvements and now comes standard with Disk brakes for that extra needed stopping power, and fully internal shifter and brake cables for reliable performance and a clean, streamlined look.

The mkii Cross features a blend of proprietary, beautifully hand-shaped, butted aluminum tubing. Quality workmanship and smooth welds ensure precise handling and superior strength.

Contact us now to pre-order and have your mkii cross frame delivered in October 2016.

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