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Ever wondered what makes a LOW// frame so special?

builder construction facts LOW//

Irrespective of builder there are four main elements that make a great frame:

  • The quality of the tubing material
  • The profile of those tubes
  • The geometry
  • And the construction process to bring it all together

    LOW// Bicycles custom shape the profile of the finest quality Columbus tubing. They then select a combination of these profiles to balance the characteristics such as rigidity and aerodynamics. In a previous post Andrew explained how the choice of tube profile is one of the main contributors to the difference in characteristics between the Track Std and the SSCrit.


    The tubes are assembled in a discipline specific geometry - the higher bottom bracket to improve cornering clearance on the SSCrit is a good example.













    Finally it is all brought together using what Andrew Low describes as "smooth welding". The integrity and structure of the joints contributes to the overall character of the frame. 



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