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The unique LOW// SS Crit Frameset is added to the line up

LOW// New Product

We are pleased to announce we have now added the SS Crit frameset to our exclusive line up of quality framesets. The LOW// SS Crit has been designed specifically for the demands of Fixed Criterium racing.

"ss crit: first in it's class. As the ever increasing popularity of single speed, fixed gear criteriums continues to skyrocket and the competition continues to stiffen, we here at Low Bicycles felt that the difference between racing on a banked velodrome and racing on a crowded, less predictable closed circuit critirium with flat turns was big enough to justify a purpose-built frame, distinguishable from a track bicycle.

Instead of following the cliché of making a more forgiving and stable bike for the road, we went the other direction, and made this frame even stiffer and twitchier than your average track bike to respond to the specific needs of racing a fixed gear bicycle in a criterium race. The result is one of the most aggressive racing bikes we have built to date, ready to dominate in the particularly wild and wooly environment of today's single speed crits."


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